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Charges of smear, fact twisting fly in Democrat case Charges of smear, fact twisting fly in Democrat case By Piyanuch Tamnukasetchai The Nation Published on June 11, 2010 Past and present investigators on the Democrat Party dissolution case have traded barbs – portraying one another as being prejudiced … Continue reading

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pacreview_2009 ThePacificReview,Vol.22No.4September2009:451–477 ThePacificReview,Vol.22No.4September2009:451–477 Socialmovementsandpolitical oppositionincontemporaryThailand KengkijKitirianglarpandKevinHewison Abstract Thereisanunderlyingoptimisminmuchoftheliteraturethatconsiders theemergenceofsocialmovementsasbeingassociatedwithdeepeningprocesses ofdemocratization.Theexpansionofcivilsocietyisseentoexpandpoliticalspace. Thispapertakesacriticallenstothisperspective,usingrecentpoliticaleventsin Thailandasacasestudyofthepoliticalstrategiesandalliancesofsocialmovements. Weexaminethedebatesthatsawmanysocialmovementsandtheirleadershipsini- tiallysupportelectedPrimeMinisterThaksinShinawatraandhisThaiRakThai Partyonlytoseethissupportdrainawayasthesesamemovementscalledontheir followerstobringdownthegovernment.Moreimportantly,weexaminehowthese movementscametoallywithconservativeforcesassociatedwiththepalaceandmil- itary.BasedontheThaicasestudy,wesuggestthattheseseeminglyunlikelyout- comesresultfromtheverynatureofsocialmovements.Leadershipbymiddle-class activists,theneedforalliances,thedevelopmentofnetworks,andafocusonsingle issuesandidentitiesleadssocialmovementstomakesubstantialpoliticalcompro- mises.Theconsequencescanbenegativefordemocraticdevelopment. Keywords Socialmovements;democratization;monarchy;ThaksinShinawatra; ThaiRakThaiParty. Whiletheemergenceofsocialmovementsisdatedtotheeighteenthcen- tury,withmarkedexpansionduringthenineteenthandtwentiethcenturies (Tilly2004),Thailand’ssocialmovementsarelargelyaphenomenonofthe latetwentiethcentury.Theiremergencehasgenerallybeenassociatedwith KengkijKitirianglarpisanactivistandwriterwhohasrecentlycompletedhisPh.D.inthe FacultyofPoliticalScienceatChulalongkornUniversity. Address:FacultyofPoliticalScience,ChulalongkornUniversity,Bangkok,10330,Thailand. KevinHewisonisDirectoroftheCarolinaAsiaCenterandProfessorintheDepartmentof AsianStudiesattheUniversityofNorthCarolinaatChapelHill. Address:CarolinaAsiaCenter,CampusBox7582,UniversityofNorthCarolina,ChapelHill, NC,27599, ThePacificReview ISSN0951-2748print/ISSN1470-1332online C … Continue reading

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vote buying? Sex, love and vote-buying June 24th, 2010 by Andrew Walker · 49 Comments Despite the dominance of commerce in the modern world, human relationships based on money are regularly derided, often for very good reasons. They seem inauthentic and … Continue reading

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state within a state

Jakrapob on the state within the state September 25th, 2009 by Andrew Walker · 52 Comments [A New Mandala reader has provided the following translation of “State within the state” by Jakrapob Penkair, Thai Red News Weekly Magazine, Year 1, … Continue reading

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democracy poisononous

Don't be misled by Freedom, Human rights, Democracy, globalisation and other crazy fashionable ideas. They are poisonous and hollow. — Thanong (@ThanongK) June 30, 2010 BP’s favourite columnist, The Nation’s Managing Editor Thanong, has joined twitter.* One of his pearls … Continue reading

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populist policies of abhisit

GOVERNMENT SPENDING Populist policies in the work ahead of next election in 2011 By BUSINESS REPORTERS THE NATION The Abhisit Vejjajiva government is preparing to introduce a mass of populist and social-welfare measures to win advance votes before the next … Continue reading

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PAD – Bangkok Protesters Aim to ‘Re-educate’ Rural Thais

PAD – Bangkok Protesters Aim to ‘Re-educate’ Rural Thais Bloomberg; By Daniel Ten Kate;Last Updated: November 30, 2008 21:42 EST Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) — As the world waits for Thailand to end a week-long occupation of Bangkok’s main airports, the … Continue reading

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