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media crap

Public needs to trust media before it can be reformed By Pravit Rojanaphruk The Nation Published on July 21, 2010 The government’s media reform initiative is regarded by critics as either an attempt to control the media or a desperate … Continue reading

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human rights commision

Here is what Human Rights Commision said: THAILAND: Watershed moment for democracy and rule of law November 26, 2008 A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission THAILAND: Watershed moment for democracy and rule of law Already, the criminal justice … Continue reading

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prem not invloved in politics (he says)3 artilces Prem and Chavalit: You always hurt the one you love By Suthichai Yoon The Nation Published on October 22, 2009 THE PRESIDENT of the Privy Council broke his own precedent last week: He started talking in public without being … Continue reading

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a good coup


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Corruption in politics getting worse- says abhisit

Funnily enough one of thereasons given for the coup and subsequent cahnge of govts was that the Democrats would reduce corruption. seems, according to the PM, that they haven’t succeeded. Continue reading

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