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LETTERS TO EDITOR Regrettable fall in journalistic standards Published on August 5, 2010 Re: “Front-page article was pointless”, Letters, August 3. Ads by Google Finance Industry Resource Download Essential Whitepapers from Oracle Now! It’s Free Learn to Speak Thai … Continue reading

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media red yellow divide

THAILAND Media Caught in Red-or-Yellow Divide Too By Lynette Lee Corporal – Asia Media Forum BANGKOK, Mar 11, 2010 (IPS) – Anyone who is still trying to look for neutrality or balance in the Thai media in these days … Continue reading

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press shot

Watchdog slams Thai army, protesters over media casualties BANGKOK (AFP) — The Thai military and “Red Shirt” protesters exposed the media to “mortal danger” during violent street protests in Bangkok that left two journalists dead, a press freedom group said. … Continue reading

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widening battle over foreign perceptions

The widening battle over foreign perceptions Published: 2/07/2010 at 12:00 AM Newspaper section: News Thailand’s relations with the outside world appear increasingly contentious as the domestic crisis continues. When foreign perceptions are favourable to government policies and actions, they are … Continue reading

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pacreview_2009 ThePacificReview,Vol.22No.4September2009:451–477 ThePacificReview,Vol.22No.4September2009:451–477 Socialmovementsandpolitical oppositionincontemporaryThailand KengkijKitirianglarpandKevinHewison Abstract Thereisanunderlyingoptimisminmuchoftheliteraturethatconsiders theemergenceofsocialmovementsasbeingassociatedwithdeepeningprocesses ofdemocratization.Theexpansionofcivilsocietyisseentoexpandpoliticalspace. Thispapertakesacriticallenstothisperspective,usingrecentpoliticaleventsin Thailandasacasestudyofthepoliticalstrategiesandalliancesofsocialmovements. Weexaminethedebatesthatsawmanysocialmovementsandtheirleadershipsini- tiallysupportelectedPrimeMinisterThaksinShinawatraandhisThaiRakThai Partyonlytoseethissupportdrainawayasthesesamemovementscalledontheir followerstobringdownthegovernment.Moreimportantly,weexaminehowthese movementscametoallywithconservativeforcesassociatedwiththepalaceandmil- itary.BasedontheThaicasestudy,wesuggestthattheseseeminglyunlikelyout- comesresultfromtheverynatureofsocialmovements.Leadershipbymiddle-class activists,theneedforalliances,thedevelopmentofnetworks,andafocusonsingle issuesandidentitiesleadssocialmovementstomakesubstantialpoliticalcompro- mises.Theconsequencescanbenegativefordemocraticdevelopment. Keywords Socialmovements;democratization;monarchy;ThaksinShinawatra; ThaiRakThaiParty. Whiletheemergenceofsocialmovementsisdatedtotheeighteenthcen- tury,withmarkedexpansionduringthenineteenthandtwentiethcenturies (Tilly2004),Thailand’ssocialmovementsarelargelyaphenomenonofthe latetwentiethcentury.Theiremergencehasgenerallybeenassociatedwith KengkijKitirianglarpisanactivistandwriterwhohasrecentlycompletedhisPh.D.inthe FacultyofPoliticalScienceatChulalongkornUniversity. Address:FacultyofPoliticalScience,ChulalongkornUniversity,Bangkok,10330,Thailand. KevinHewisonisDirectoroftheCarolinaAsiaCenterandProfessorintheDepartmentof AsianStudiesattheUniversityofNorthCarolinaatChapelHill. Address:CarolinaAsiaCenter,CampusBox7582,UniversityofNorthCarolina,ChapelHill, NC,27599, ThePacificReview ISSN0951-2748print/ISSN1470-1332online C … Continue reading

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PAD – Bangkok Protesters Aim to ‘Re-educate’ Rural Thais

PAD – Bangkok Protesters Aim to ‘Re-educate’ Rural Thais Bloomberg; By Daniel Ten Kate;Last Updated: November 30, 2008 21:42 EST Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) — As the world waits for Thailand to end a week-long occupation of Bangkok’s main airports, the … Continue reading

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summary by james stent

Thoughts on Thailand’s Turmoil, by James Stent Thoughts on Thailand’s Turmoil Background: In the latter part of the 90’s, after the financial crisis of ’97, but before the ascent of Thaksin, I was occasionally asked to speak to groups of … Continue reading

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